Disentangling the role of connectivity, environmental filtering, and spatial structure on metacommunity dynamics

Vincent Devictor, Nicolas Mouquet and collaborators have published a paper in Oikos where Ocean models are used to evaluation the exchange rates of organisms between communities in a marine Mediterranean coastal area; These were used to quantify the effects of realistic connectivity on local and regional polychaete community structure, and revealed that the environmental gradient, geographic distances. This [...]

Spatio-temporal heterogeneity of riparian soil morphology in a restored floodplain

Bertrand Fournier published a paper in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences on the variability of riparian soils and their importance for foodplain restoration.

Fournier B., Guenat C., Bullinger-Weber G., and Mitchell E.A.D. (2013). Spatio-temporal heterogeneity of riparian soil morphology in a restored floodplain. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 4031–4042.

Floodplains have been intensively altered in industrialized countries, but [...]

Evaluating evolutionary models of stress-induced mutagenesis in bacteria

Clara Torres-Barceló published a review paper in Nature Reviews Genetics on hypothesis aiming to explain the evolutionary importance of stress-induced mutagenesis in bacteria.

MacLean RC, Torres-Barceló C., Moxon R.E. (2013). Evaluating evolutionary models of stress-induced mutagenesis in bacteria. Nature Reviews Genetics 14, 221-227.

Increased mutation rates under stress allow bacterial populations to adapt rapidly to stressors, including antibiotics. Here we evaluate [...]

Sustaining ecosystem functions in a changing world

Sonia Kéfi and colleagues published an article in Journal of Applied Ecology discussing how integrating two lines of research in ecology – biodiversity–ecosystem function (BDEF) and ecological resilience (ER) – may foster a deeper understanding of human-impacted ecosystems.

Tomimatsu, H., T. Sasaki, H. Kurokawa, J.R. Bridle, C. Fontaine, J. Kitano, D.B. Stouffer, M. Vellend, T.M. [...]

Disentangling the drivers of metacommunity structure across spatial scales

Nicolas Mouquet and collaborators have published an article in Journal of Biogeography where they show that the spatial and environmental components of species distribution varies with the sampling scale.

Meynard C.M., Lavergne S., Boulangeat I., Garraud L., Van Es J., Mouquet N. & Thuiller W. (2013) Disentangling the drivers of metacommunity structure across spatial [...]

Notre santé et la biodiversité

Un nouveau livre édité par Serge Morand vient de paraitre : « Notre santé et la biodiversité, Tous ensemble pour préserver le vivant ». Gilles Pipien, Serge Morand.

Parasitisme, pathologies animales, résistance aux antibiotiques, danger des perturbateurs endocriniens, baisse de la fertilité masculine… : les exemples se multiplient autour de nous pour souligner la relation étroite [...]

Russian invasion, part 2

EEC is currently hosting Alexey Potekhin and Irina Nekrasova, for a collaboration with Oliver Kaltz.

Alexey and Irina are professors at the Dept. of Microbiology, Faculty of Biology and Soil Science of St Petersburg State University. Their research focuses on ciliate Paramecium as a model to study species divergence and mechanisms of speciation. Paramecium has opposite [...]


Alex Betts and EEC colleagues have published an article in Evolutionary Applications, investigating the possibility of « evolutionary training » of bacteriophages as a means to make them better at combatting bacterial infections.

Betts, A., M. Vasse, O. Kaltz, and M. E. Hochberg. 2013. Back to the future: evolving bacteriophages to increase their effectiveness against the pathogen [...]

Better red than dead!

Alison Duncan, Andy Gonzalez (McGill University) and Oliver Kaltz have published an article in the Proceedings of the Royal Society (Series B), investigating the impact of the structure of environmental noise on experimental parasite epidemics.

Duncan, A. B., A. Gonzalez, and O. Kaltz. 2013. Stochastic environmental fluctuations drive epidemiology in experimental host-parasite metapopulations. Proc. R. [...]

A practical guide to measuring local adaptation

Oliver Kaltz and colleagues have published an article in Ecology Letters, formalising conceptual issue of local adaptation and comparing the statistical power of different experimental designs.

Blanquart, F., O. Kaltz, S. L. Nuismer, and S. Gandon. 2013. A practical guide to measuring local adaptation. Ecology Letters 16:1195-1205.

Patterns of local adaptation are expected to emerge [...]