Komei Kadowaki

Komei Kadowaki

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kinokomushi (at) gmail.com

I am a community ecologist, broadly interested in the dynamics and stability of ecological communities in space. I study insects, plants and microbes (bacteria and fungi) to illustrate ideas that are central to biodiversity maintenance and conservation. The focus of my research is to understand why, when, and how so many species can coexist in nature and how they will respond to future environmental change.

Bacteria are the best system to work on for laying down the ground rules of community ecology. Right now I am exploring two independent questions by using Pseudomonas fluorescence as a model organism: (i) the stability of cooperation in complex spatial landscapes and (ii) species’ border under environmental change

 Selected publications:

–       Kadowaki K, Sato H, Yamamoto S, Tanabe AS, Hidaka A, Toju H (2014) Detection of the horizontal spatial structure of soil fungal communities in a natural forest. Population Ecology, DOI:10.1007/s10144-013-0424-z.

–       Kadowaki K, Inouye BD, Miller TE (2012) Assembly-history dynamics of a pitcher-plant protozoan community in experimental microcosms. PLoS ONE 7: e42651. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0042651.

–       Kadowaki K, Leschen RAB, Beggs JR (2011) Competition-colonization dynamics of spore-feeding beetles on the long-lived bracket fungi Ganoderma in New Zealand native forest. Oikos 120: 776-786.