Russian invasion, part 2

EEC is currently hosting Alexey Potekhin and Irina Nekrasova, for a collaboration with Oliver Kaltz.

Alexey and Irina are professors at the Dept. of Microbiology, Faculty of Biology and Soil Science of St Petersburg State University. Their research focuses on ciliate Paramecium as a model to study species divergence and mechanisms of speciation. Paramecium has opposite sexes – the so-called mating types. Their current main project concerns genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of mating type determination and expression in fifteen sibling species of the Paramecium aurelia complex. They are also involved in research of symbiosis between Paramecium and infectious bacteria colonizing their nuclei, and they are interested in molecular basis of infection process and specificity of interactions between the partners.

Their visit (15/08-15/9/13) is financed by a Marie Curie exchange program (FP7; IRSES CINAR PATHOBACTER).

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